Privacy Policy

For the purposes of the Act, the data controller is ONSEN GROUP LTD. We are a UK registered company (number 13806406) and our registered office is at 7 Idle Road, Bradford, BD2 4QA. Royal Onsen is a brand and trading name of ONSEN GROUP LTD.

We promise:

  • to keep your personal information safe and private
  • not to sell your personal information
  • to give you ways to manage and review your marketing choices, if applicable at any time

We collect information about you in order to provide services to you and comply with regulations. We may collect information on paper or online forms, by telephone, email or a member of our staff may collect information from you in person. We consider that all personal data we obtain from you in relation to your reservation(s) and payment for our services are reasonable and necessary.

We may need to pass your information to other people and organisations that provide a service on our behalf. These providers are obliged to keep your details securely and use them only to provide the service to you in accordance with our instructions.

We need to collect and use information about you to:

  • deliver services
  • confirm your identity to provide some services
  • contact you by post, email or telephone
  • understand your needs to provide the services that you ask for or need
  • understand what we can do for you
  • inform you of other relevant services and benefits
  • ask your opinion about our services
  • update your customer record
  • help us to build up a picture of how we are performing at delivering services to you and what services our clients benefit from most
  • prevent and detect fraud and corruption and crime
  • allow us to undertake statutory functions efficiently and effectively
  • make sure we meet our legal obligations
  • process financial transactions including grants, payments and benefits involving the council, or where we are acting on behalf of other government bodies, for example, Department for Work and Pensions; or
  • protect individuals, where necessary, from harm or injury.

You give us your personal information

  • when you book in for our products and services
  • when you talk to us on the phone or at one of our reception areas
  • when you use our website
  • in emails and letters
  • in complaints, claims or other documents
  • in customer surveys
  • in our client consultations, questionnaires or promotions

How we share your information

We may be required or permitted, under Data Protection Legislation, to disclose your personal information without your explicit consent, for example, if we have a legal obligation and/or basis to do so, namely:

  • law enforcement
  • regulation
  • licensing
  • criminal prosecutions
  • court proceedings
  • legitimate interest


We may monitor and record your phone conversations with us for a number of reasons, for example, staff training. We will inform you if your call is being recorded or monitored.


Emails that we send to you or you send to us, may be retained as a record of contact and your email address stored for future use.

Using our website

The Royal Onsen website is solely owned by us. We do not store or capture personal information about you when you use our website unless you decide to provide it to:

  • subscribe to or book in for services that require personal information
  • contact us for whatever reason and provide us with your contact details so that we can respond to you

Online payments

The personal information you give to us when using our online payment system will only be used for the recording of your payment. We will ensure that it is not used for any other purpose and is not disclosed to a third party, in other words, other companies or individuals unless required to do so by law for the prevention of crime and the detection of fraud. We will hold your personal information securely and only for as long as is needed.


If you choose not to give personal information

If you choose not to give us this personal information, it may delay or prevent us from meeting our obligations to you. It may also mean that we cannot perform services needed to run your accounts or the services provided to you.

We may need to collect personal information by law, or under the terms of a contract we have with you. Any information collected by us from you which is optional will be made clear at the point of collection.

Recording consent

  • we keep a record of when and how we obtained your consent

Managing the consent you give to us

  • we regularly review the consent you have provided to check that our relationship with you, the reasons for processing your personal information and the purposes have not changed
  • we have implemented processes to refresh consent at appropriate intervals
  • we make it easy for you to withdraw your consent at any time
  • we act on withdrawals of consent as soon as we can
  • we will not penalise you if you withdraw your consent


We may use your personal information to tell you about relevant products relating to our services such as news, consultations, market research, events and their updates, updates on the services we provide to you and offers. This is what we mean when we talk about ‘marketing’.

The personal information we have for you is made up of what you tell us, and data we collect when you use our services, or from third parties we work with.

We can only use your personal information to send you marketing messages if we have either your consent or there is a ‘legitimate interest’ to do so. At times, we may have a business or commercial reason to use your personal information. If we process your personal information on this basis, we will ensure that it does not unfairly go against what is right and best for you.

You can ask us to stop sending you marketing messages at any time by contacting us.

Letting us know if your personal information is incorrect

You have the right to question any personal information we have about you that you think is wrong or incomplete.


What if you want us to stop using your personal information?

You have the right to ask us to stop processing your personal information if it is likely to cause unwarranted substantial damage or distress to you or anyone else.

You can ask us to restrict the use of your personal information if:

  • it is not accurate
  • it has been used unlawfully but you don’t want us to delete
  • you have already asked us to stop using your data but you are waiting for us to tell you if we are allowed to keep on using it

If you want to object to how we use your data, or ask us to delete it or restrict how we use it, please contact us.

How to complain

Please let us know if you are unhappy with how we have used your personal information.

You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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